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‡Uwj‡dvb: 8932330, 8932343, 8919672, d¨v·: 7914655

B-‡gBj: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , I‡qe: www.uamc-edu.com.



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        DËiv AvaywbK †gwW‡Kj K‡jR



(An enterprise of Bangladesh Medical Studies and Research Institute)

Enter to learn go forth serve

Location: House # 34, Road # 4, Sector# 9, Sonargaon Janapath, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh. Phone: 8911600, 8932330, 8932343, 8959071, 8919672
Year of Establishment:2007
Date of Commencement of classes of First Batch:22nd January 2008
Course Offered: MBBS
Curriculum: Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council Curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine, Dhaka University
Academic Year: January to July next year
Admission Time:November-December
Class Hour: 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Affiliation of the College: The College is affiliated with the Dhaka University as a constituent college.
Admission: Admission to the first year MBBS in this institute is based on national merit list and is very competitive with a high ratio of applicants to available seats. Notice for admission of students is published in the daily newspaper. In the session 2007-2008 fifty students, in the session 2008-2009 fifty five students, in the session 2009-2010 seventy one students, in the session 2010-2011 seventy one students, in the session 2011-2012 seventy five students, in the session 2012-2013 eighty students & in the session 2013-2014 ninety students were admitted. Total student to be admitted in this year (Session: 2013-2014)=90 (Ninety) Students.
Teaching staff:The College has been stuffed with highly qualified and dedicated personnel, both in the basic and clinical departments. At present about 110 regular teaching staff including Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Registrar, Curator and Lecturer in this institute.
Library: The College has a modern fully air-conditioned library with excellent collection of latest books, journals, magazines & newspapers. There is a separate room for Teachers’ reading room. The library has photocopying facility. The library is open between 08:00 am to 09:00 pm on all working days of the week.
Medical Education Unit: In Medical Education Unit (MEU) with multiple modern computers, printers, scanner, internet, website and students database. MEU have also plan to provide digital camera, web cam and other modern IT related teaching materials.
College Accommodation & facility:Total Land Area of the College and Hospital is 05 Bighas. There are seven structures in the compound including one 17 storied building & six other buildings with arrangement for 500 beds. It has an excellent outpatient department, emergency department, modern diagnostic facilities with CT-scan machine in addition to inpatient facilities.There are sufficient numbers of lecture rooms, tutorial rooms, practical class rooms, dissection halls & laboratories. All rooms are air conditioned. The laboratory of various departments are well equipped with modern instruments.
Canteen: A good canteen for the students & teachers in the 3rd floor of the main college building is running.
College Finance: The college is run on self financing and non-profit basis.
Ladies Hostel: Hostel accommodation for female students is available (limited seats)
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